Make Joomla Plugins Work in Custom HTML Modules

Make Plugins Work in Custom HTML Modules in Joomla

By default, Joomla content plugins will always work inside articles. 

However, they may often not work inside Custom HTML modules, even though those modules also have a WYSWIYG editor.

In this short tutorial, we will show you how to enable content plugins within your Custom HTML modules. 

  • Go to Extensions > Modules > New > Custom HTML (or Edit an existing module).
  • Use your plugin. In my example, I’m using OSYouTube plugin. I add the URL of a YouTube video inside the text area of the module. If the plugin is working correctly, the link should be converted to a video.

Joomla plugin content inside a custom HTML modules

Now let's enable the setting that makes it possible to render plugins inside our modules:

  • Go to the Options tab.
  • Set Prepare content to "Yes".

The Joomla Prepare content option

  • Click "Save and Close".
  • Preview the module on the front-end to confirm the plugin is working inside the module.