Convert Old School Emoticons into Emojis with Rereplacer

Emojis are popular. You can see them everywhere on Facebook, Twitter, and now in Joomla too!

I'm a fan of typing emoticons in the old way. On the web, I usually type the smiley one with :) and (y) to represent a thumbs up.

In this tutorial, I'll share a trick to convert those old school emoticons into the new emojis supported in Joomla 3, using the ReReplacer extension.

Step #1. Emoji support

  • Double-check that your Joomla site has support for emojis. This tutorial will guide you. Make sure to check the section "If your Joomla 3.5 site does not support emoji".

Step #2. Download and Install ReReplacer

Step #3. Create the replacement

  • Go to Components.
  • Regular Labs - ReReplacer, or NoNumber ReReplacer (old brand name).
  • Click New.

Emojis with Rereplacer

I want to replace :) and (y) with Emojis with Rereplacer and Emojis with Rereplacer.

  • So, I fill in the Search area separating each emoticon with a comma.
  • In Replace, I copy and paste the emojis taken from the GetEmoji site, also separated by a comma.

Emojis with Rereplacer

  • Set Treat as List as "yes".
  • Type a title.
  • Save and close.

Emojis with Rereplacer

Step #4. End result

Any instance of (y) and :) will be converted into cute emojis in frontend, thanks to ReReplacer.

Emojis with Rereplacer