How to Upload Joomla Files Using CPanel

This tutorial will show you how to upload Joomla files to your server using the CPanel provided by your hosting company. There are many possible reasons to do this. The reason we wrote this tutorial was the request of a customer whose files had been hacked. They needed to restore a clean set of Joomla files over the top of those that had been corrupted.

Step #1. Visit

Visit Joomla ORG and download Joomla CMS

  • Visit and click on the "Download Joomla!" button.

Click the Download Joomla button

  • You will see the "Joomla! Downloads" page. Click the green "Download Joomla!" button.

Step #2. Login to Your Cpanel

Log in to your CPanel

  • Often you can access your CPanel just by adding /cpanel to your domain name ...

Step #3. Access Your File Manager


  • Although your screen may not look 100% identical to the one above, every version of Cpanel does come with a "File Manager" option somewhere.

Step #4. Go to Your Web Root


Step #5. Overwrite Required Files


  • If you're looking to overwrite existing files, be sure to make a backup of your configuration.php file. You'll need that for your site to continue to run properly.

Step #6. Visit the Upload Area


  • Click the "Upload" button.

Step #7. Upload Your Files

click select

  • Depending on your PC, hit either "Browse" or "Select" and select the Joomla files that you downloaded earlier.

file upload started

  • This will trigger the file upload.

right click and click extract

  • Once the upload finished, you will see the Joomla file listed.  Right-click on the file and click "Extract".

Step #8. Final Steps


If you want to replace your existing Joomla site and keep your site running, you'll now need to do two more things:

  1. Re-upload your configuration.php using the configuration.php process as before.
  2. Delete the /installation folder as per the image above.

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