Our last questions were specifically about the CMS itself. Here we asked about people's experiences using Joomla.

Joomla Tasks

Not surprisingly, everybody works with content. It's a CMS after all! Based on the previous observation that many of our users are webmasters, we see a lot of commonality with some of the other basic functions of running a Joomla website.

Hacking Joomla

The top result here is not very surprising. Templates are the most obvious thing people will hack, to change their logo etc. Other results seem to lend more weight to the idea that Joomla is used by developers and web designers. About 50% of respondents said they had hacked either a module or a component.

Joomla Resources

Clearly the commercial world of Joomla is alive and well. Over 50% of people have used some sort of commercial extension, and many have taken advantage of professional support.

It's been frequently asked to what extent the official Joomla forums are an accurate representation of the Joomlaverse. If these result are an indication... it is. Almost 70% of people said they have used the community support available at the forum.