New Videos for Joomlashack Members: Bootstrap 4

Bootstrap is the most popular design framework in the world. It's an HTML, CSS and Javascript framework that allows non-designers to create clean-looking websites and interfaces.

Joomla 4 will arrive with Bootstrap 4 in the core.

Bootstrap is popular because it provides a pre-built code that solves many of the tricky problems that slow down web projects.

The latest class for Joomlashack members, "How to Use the Bootstrap 4 Framework" is the perfect introduction for anyone who wants to start using Bootstrap. These videos will show you how to use Bootstrap 4's grid system and responsive features. You'll learn how to design menus, buttons, media, and text. You'll also see how to safely override Bootstrap's defaults with your own code.

If you are an Everything Club member, click here to start watching the class now.

About our Bootstrap teacher, Jen Kramer

This class is taught by Jen Kramer. Jen describes herself as a "Web Design Teacher" but that barely scratches the surface of what she does. She's a speaker, a teacher, a writer, a video trainer, and much more besides. Jen currently teaches web design at Harvard Extension School. Click here to hear our podcast with Jen.

Sample video from the Bootstap class




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