How to Send Shack Forms Data to Specific Users

How to Send User Submitted Data to Certian Recipients

Shack Forms Pro is one of the top Joomla extensions. One of its users asked how to send user-submitted data to certain recipients.

By default, it will be sent to the site administrator you set in Joomla's Global Configuration.

But what if instead of the site administrator you would like to send the data to other recipients? We will show you how to do that in this tutorial.

You have two options to set your Shack Forms module to send a user-submitted data to certain recipients:

  1. By letting the form sender select the form's data recipient.
  2. By setting one or more such data recipients by yourself.

Option #1. Let the form sender select the form data recipient

With this option, the form sender will have a drop-down list of recipients to select from:

drop down with recepients

Watch this video (4:01) on how to set it up.



Option #2. Set form data recipients by yourself

With this option, you, the site administrator, tell Shack Forms who will be recepients of the submitted data.

  • In your Shack Form module, go to the "Email" tab:

go to the email tab

  • Find the "Email to" field and fill it with one or more email addresses of your required recipients:

enter form data recipients in the email to field

From now on, Shack Forms will be sending data submitted via this form to these recipients.

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