Getting Started with the Download Form in OSDownloads Pro

Beginner Guide to Downloads Form in OSDownloads Pro

OSDownloads is the easiest Joomla extension to add file downloads to your Joomla site. You can allow your site visitors to download files with one click, simply clicking the "Download" button. But what if you need to set a more advanced download form for them?

What if you, for example, would like to collect some information from your site visitors before they will be able to download a file? Or what if you wish to display them some information?  

These are exact benefits that the "Download Form" feature in OSDownloads Pro offers you. In this blog post, I will give you a tour to the "Download Form" in OSDownloads Pro.

By default, OSDownloads Pro won't display any download form to those downloading a file. They will be able to download the file once they clicked its "Download" button.

An advanced download form in OSDownloads Pro can display the following elements:

  • The form's title
  • The form's custom fields
  • The form's header
  • The form's footer
  • The Terms & Conditions checkbox
  • The label of the form's download button.

the download form

Let's take a look at these elements in more detail.

The title

the title

To set the title, you need to be on the "OSDownloads Pro Configuration" screen > tab "Download Form":

setting the title

The header

the forms header

You set the download form header under the same tab:

setting the header

As you can see from the screenshot, you have a WYSIWYG HTML editor to set the header. This allows you to be as minimalistic or as elaborate with your header as you see fit.

The email address field

the email address field

Your download form will include the field to collect email address if in file settings you set the "Require Email" to "Yes":

require email address

The custom fields

a custom field

Besides a field to collect email addresses, you can also add custom fields to your download form. For my demonstration, I created a basic text field to collect a name:

custom text field

The Terms & Conditions checkbox

the form tems and conditions checkbox

You add the "Terms & Conditions" checkbox to your download form in file settings. The "Require Agreement" and "Agreement Article" are the parameters that you need to set to see the "Terms & Conditions" checkbox:

setting the terms and conditions checkbox

Twitter and Facebook icons

social icons

OSDownloads Pro allows you to offer file downloads in return for sharing the file via either Tweeter or Facebook. You set this feature in file settings > "Require Social Share" > "Yes":

require social share

The download button label

the download button label

By default, the download button text is "Continue..." but you can set it to a text of your choice. To do the job, you would need to go to the "OSDownloads Pro Configuration" screen, tab "Download Form" and enter your text into the "Download Button Label":

download button label

The footer

the footer

You set the download form footer by going to the "OSDownloads Pro Configuration" page, tab "Download Form", parameter "Footer":

the form footer

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About the author

Alex is a self-taught Microsoft Certified Professional based in England. He enjoys learning Joomla and helping beginners and web site administrators make the most of it.