How to Add Title and Descriptions to Slides in Shack Slides

Intro to Shack Slides Titles and Descriptions for Titles

Shack Slides is the best way to create a slideshow in Joomla.

One of Shack Slides many features is the ability to overlay titles and descriptions onto your slide images.

Shack Slides can pull content from many different sources. In this blog post, I'm going to show you how to overlay titles and descriptions whethere you're using Joomla articles, K2 items, or a custom collection in Shack Slides.

Source #1. Joomla Content

When you set the Slides Source to the Joomla Content option, your slides take their titles and descriptions either from Joomla articles or from K2 items. 

To display a slide title to your liking, change the title of the source Joomla or K2 article:

Article title and description at the backend

Once you’ve done this, viewers will see your slide’s new title and description.

Article title and description from the frontend

Source #2. A Shack Slides Collection

When you selected the Shack Slides Collection option, you work with your slide title and description the same way you would with a title and a description of a Joomla article. 

Open the required slide for editing. Then set the slide's title in the Title field. The slide's description goes into the Slide Description field:

Slide at the backend

The title and description you entered are exactly what this slide viewer will see at your site's front end:

Slide at the frontend


If you set the Slides Source to the Folder option, your slides won't have any titles and descriptions. The only options you have in this respect is to add titles and descriptions to the images themselves.


Shack Slides Pro is a flexible module. With Shack Slides Pro you have an option to generate your slides from either a slides collection, Joomla/K2 content or an image folder. If you wish to complement your slides with titles and descriptions, please use one of the first two options.