Multi-Column HTML Sitemaps with OSMap Pro

Multi-Column Sitemaps with OSMap Pro

If you would like to help search engines to find and index your Joomla site content, you need OSMap Pro. This is your best sitemap Joomla extension.

But by default, OSMap Pro creates an HTML sitemap page with one column layout. What if your HTML sitemap has become extremely long and you would like to keep it more compact?

In this blog post, I will show you how you can split your OSMap Pro HTML sitemap page to several columns.

Here is how your default, one-column OSMap Pro HTML sitemap page would look like:Default sitemap page layout

You can easily change the layout of this sitemap to up to four columns. Here is, for example, how a four-column HTML sitemap page would look like:

Sitemap page four column layout

To change the sitemap layout, you would go to the menu item of the page of your OSMap Pro HTML sitemap.

Once you open it up, under the "Sitemap Settings" tab, you would want to find the "Columns" parameter.

Here you may select your preferred number of columns and click "Save" or "Save & Close".

How to set four columns

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