New Feature: OSCampus Single Pathway Menu Item Type

OSCampus Pro

We are happy to announce that we implemented a new feature in our OSCampus Pro.

Starting with version 1.2.4, you will have the OSCampus Pro - Pathway new menu item type. It will display all classes of a single pathway.

In this blog post, you will take a look at this new feature.

What is OSCampus?

OSCampus Pro is the Learning Management System (LMS) for Joomla. It is incredibly intuitive and robust component.

OSCampus is organized in a very simple way. A pathway contains classes. A class contains lessons. Lessons within a class are also organized in modules.

Your online lessons can consist of videos, text, presentations, PDFs or quizzes. A lesson can be YouTube or Vimeo Videos, Slideshare or Google presentations, simple text or complex code.

OSCampus runs the video training on OSTraining. Its architecture is the basis for Joomlashack University and the official training site!

It is already used by 1,000's of people every week.

The New Feature

The new feature is a new menu item type.

In OSCampus Pro versions before 1.2.4, you had the following seven menu item types available:

  1. My Certificates, to display to logged in student a list of certificates they earned.
  2. My Classes, to display to logged in student a list of classes they have been working on.
  3. New Classes, to display to public visitors a list of recently created classes.
  4. Pathways, to display to public visitors a list of available training pathways.
  5. Search Results, to display to public visitors a landing page with search results when no pathway specified.
  6. Single Class URL, to display to public visitors a single training class.
  7. Statistics, to display online training statistics at the frontend (depending on the menu item ACL).

menu item types before version 1.2.4

Starting with version 1.2.4, you have one more menu item type available: OSCampus Pro - Pathway.

It will display all classes in a single pathway to public visitors:

single pathway menu item

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