OSContent is Ready for Joomla 4

OSContent is Ready for Joomla 4

OSContent is now available for Joomla 4 users! You can download OSContent version 2.0 and it will work on both Joomla 3 and Joomla 4. This is the 18th extension that we've updated for Joomla 4.

OSContent is designed for managing, adding, creating, and deleting articles, categories and menu links. OSContent is a wonderful time-saver if you need to quickly add content to a Joomla site.

With a few clicks, you create all the categories, articles and menu links you need for your Joomla site. Why waste time repeating steps over and over again, when you can do the same thing with just a few clicks?

Note: OSContent Pro still supports K2 in Joomla 3, but K2 is not ready for Joomla 4 yet. We'll update OSContent to support K2 when it is released for Joomla 4.

The main features of OSContent


Create and delete articles in bulk

Create up to 10 articles in a row. When you create articles, you can also choose to link each article to a menu. If you want to reverse this process, you can delete content in bulk.

Create and delete categories in bulk

You can create as many categories as you need in one go. You can optionally link each category to a menu.


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