OSpam-a-Not Pro is Now Available

OSpam-a-Not Pro is Now Available

OSpam-a-not is the easiest way to protect your Joomla site from spam bots filling out your forms. The OSpam-a-not plugin uses a clever and unobtrusive technique to protect your forms from a flood of spam.

We created OSpam-a-not because we needed better Joomla spam prevention. We use OSpam-a-not ourselves, so we maintain it and update it regularly. OSpam-a-not supports all the forms in the Joomla core and many from third-party extensions.

For a long time, there was only a Free version of OSpam-a-not. This limited how much support we gave to the product. So this week, we've released a Pro version of OSpam-a-not.

The new Pro features aren't huge, but this is a first step and it means that OSpam-a-not will be supported into the future. This Pro version is now available to Everything Club members and is also available for individual purchase.

This is our 25th Pro extension. All the extensions we have for sale are now ready for Joomla 4, except for Simple Renew.

What's in the Pro version of OSpam-a-not?

The Pro version of OSpam-a-not allows you to explicitly select which forms to protect from spam. You can find this feature inside the plugin on the "Form Contexts" tab:

the form contexts tab

With this feature, you can select protection for specific forms.

The easiest way to find the contexts for each form is to check the OSpam-a-not logs. When logging is enabled, form contexts can be found in the log when a form has been blocked. Here are some sample entries:

  • Joomla login form: com_users.user.login
  • Joomla registration form: com_users.registration.register
  • Joomla user profile forms: com_users.profile
  • Joomla privacy requests: com_privacy.request.submit
  • Joomla password resets: com_users.reset.request

the form contexts field


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