Sarah Watz from Pixpro Labs Interviewing Steve Burge

Sarah Watz from Pixpro Labs Interviewing Steve Burge

This week, and owner Steve Burge took part in an online live show with Sarah Watz from Pixpro Labs. Sarah runs her weekly Live Show to help Joomla business owners learn from others and make their businesses more successful.

In his candid interview with Sarah, Steve lays bare how he moved his career from a teacher to a web designer and eventually to online training provider. You will also hear about one business decision that helped him turn Joomlashack from being on the verge of bankruptcy to a steadily growing Joomla extensions business. 

Watch the Interview

This interview was recorded on Facebook. You may need to disable your adblocker to see the Facebook embed:

In this interview you will hear Steve talk about:

  • How he heard about Joomla!
  • His transition from teaching software in brick-and-mortar classes to online training.
  • The difficulties with running an online software training business.
  • Who the subscribers to his courses are.
  • How Joomla! Certification would benefit your Joomla! business.
  • How he creates his different online courses.
  • How he recruited his team.
  • How he ventured into extension development with
  • What he did with business that made a drastic increase in its turnover.
  • How he organizes his development and support team to work more productively.
  • Pros and cons of running a home-based business with his spouse. 
  • How working with the Joomla community helps to develop a business.