New Feature in Shack Forms: Review Submitted Data

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One of the customers of our Shack Forms extension (formerly known as "Perfect AJAX Popup Contact Form") asked us for a particular feature.

They wanted to be able to view and search the data sent via their Shack Forms.

We happily implemented this feature. In this quick overview, you will take a look at it.

  • To access all the submitted data, go to Components > Shack Forms Pro:

go components shack forms pro

You will be taken to the Shack Forms Pro Messages administrative page:

shack forms pro form entries

This page displays a list of all the submissions made via your Shack Forms.

The Shack Forms Pro Messages page consists of the five sortable columns:

  • Module. This column displays the titles of the forms used to submit data. 
  • IP Address. Here you will find IP addresses, from which data has been sent.
  • Sent. This column will display the message sending status.
  • Submission Date. In this column, you can see when the data was submitted.
  • ID. This column lists data ID number of every submission.

Click on a column name to sort the column items in the ascending or descending order.

Click on a module title under the Module column to see the submission's details:

click on the module title

You will see the following four tabs:

  1. Fields.
  2. Attachments.
  3. User Meta.
  4. Meta.

the four tabs

  • Use the Fields tab to see the data, entered by the form sender into the form's fields:

user submitted fields

  • Click the Attachments tab to see files, attached to the form:


  • Go to the User Meta to see:
    • The sender's IP address.
    • Their Operating System.
    • Their Browser.

user meta data

  • Click the Meta tab to see some additional information about the form sending:

the meta tab

  • Use the Search box to find a needed Shack Forms module by name if your list of form submissions is significantly long:

search by module name

Make your long list of form submissions more compact with the two filters:

  • Filter your submissions by the module title:

filter your list by module

  • Filter your submissions by the message sending status:

filter by message sending status

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