Release of OSYouTube Free 3.3.4 and OSYouTube Pro 3.3.5

We are happy to announce new releases for the OSYouTube plugin.

OSYouTube Free 3.3.4 and OSYouTube Pro 3.3.5 are now available.

The new Free version is a maintenance release with bug fixes, but the new Pro release contains an important new feature. OSYouTube Pro allows you to use URLs.

We've also updated the technical requirements for OSYouTube.

New Technical Requirements

If you run OSYouTube Free or Pro, and would like to upgrade to the newly released versions, make sure you run at least PHP 5.6 and Joomla 3.5.

Support for Short URLs

In previous OSYouTube versions, you needed to copy the full video URL:

YouTube video URL from the browser URL box

With the new OSYouTube Pro, you can now copy the short URLs from the video's "Share" box:

Short URL

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