Beginners Guide to Marketing Lead Nurturing Emails [Video]

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Lead nurturing emails are the best way to automatically direct your marketing leads through your customer funnel.

Learn in this blog post:

  • Content best practices for a lead nurturing email.
  • Design tips for increasing email open rates and lead engagement.
  • Considerations for email scheduling.

You do lead nurturing via e-mails. Your lead nurturing really consists of a series of carefully timed out e-mail letters. Provide in them to your leads additional resources and opportunities for conversion.

In this video, you will go through a standard lead nurturing e-mail and the essential ingredients that go into that e-mail.

Keep in mind, there are different types of lead nurturing emails.

You will have e-mails that are meant to just provide resources to your leads. There are also e-mails that are meant to encourage your lead to take an action on your site.

Your email may encourage them to sign up for a free download. Or it may be that bottom of the funnel offer to purchase something.

Just remember that not every lead nurturing e-mail looks exactly the same.

In a moment, you are going to go through some of the different types of lead nurturing emails and where they fall on a timeline.

There are best practice components that you're going to want to have in almost every lead nurturing e-mail.

We will identify the ones that maybe you could possibly take out in some different types of your lead nurturing emails.

Start at the top of your lead nurturing email. The first thing you want to include in it is your front line. You want to make this personal.

The best practice is to make this, if possible, a person's name. This should be an actual person's name.

Watch the whole video and learn best design practices lead nurturing emails.

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