How to Get Started with Marketing Automation

By now, you know that marketing automation has the power to skyrocket your lead conversions and transform your sales cycle.

While the benefits of Inbound marketing automation are vast, there's one big thing holding a lot of companies back from implementing it: where do we start?

If you're interested in getting started with automation but unsure of how to prepare your team and process, check out this infographic from Sparksight:

marketing automation infographic1

Pretty great, right? We especially like the idea of having a formal training with your sales team, where you review essential Inbound vocabulary (lists, nurturing, forms, etc) and discuss the benefits.

If you're still new to the Inbound or Auomation worlds and are looking to get started with some lightweight tools, check out our free eBook below to learn about some high quality, low cost tools to help you get the job done on Joomla: