Beginner Guide to jInbound Landing Pages

Picture of the US Dollar and a group of users

Landing pages are the cornerstone of Inbound Marketing.

It's your site landing pages that will be converting a casual visitor to a lead, and the lead - to the customer.

In this video, you will take an overview of the best practices for creating landing pages and thank you pages with Joomlashack's jInbound component.

To create an effective landing page in jInbound, you need to be aware of its essential components. 

You also need to know what not to include in your landing page.

You are most likely used to seeing a navigational menu at the top of your Joomla web pages.

Less is more. Don't use Joomla's top menu on your landing pages. Focus its visitor's attention completely on whatever action you are trying to convert them.

You don't want them to think of your "About Us", or "Our Blog", or "Contact Us" page.

So, the best practice for landing pages is to actually strip out your header and footer menus. 

Watch the video to learn about best practices for creating effective landing pages that convert well.