Joomla Inbound Marketing Tips

Inbound Marketing is effectively marketing where your customers are and giving them the information they need and thus is easily the most effective form of online marketing out there. It trumps outbound marketing by far.

However, implementing an effective inbound marketing strategy can be more difficult than it seems. Below we will discuss some of the best Joomla inbound marketing tips known to man.

Best Joomla Inbound Marketing Tips:

1. Inbound Methodologies Are Ineffective When Forced.

You must understand that your customers choose to engage with your content at their own freewill, therefore, you should not expect every single piece of content of yours to go viral instantly. This can lead to poor behavior and poor marketing practices such as; spamming your leads/customers, and trying to actively get them to share your content.

This defeats the entire premise of effective inbound marketing. Let your content do the work for you.

2. Create Quality Content That Is Useful To Your Target Market.

The real key to effective inbound marketing is the ability to create quality content that is genuinely useful to your target market. Your content needs to serve a real world purpose.

3. Do Not Be Confusing With Your Content Or Message.

As a marketer, you need to understand that all of your readers will not necessarily interpret your content in the same way that you do. Therefore, your mission should be to make your content as clear and concise as possible. 

It should be highly targeted to your potential customers. In order to actually have your message understood, you need to put yourself in the best position to actually be understood.

This starts with simplifying your content/messages without reducing the quality.

4. Keep Things Fun And Simple.

Create simple, yet effective landing pages in order to generate leads.

5. Engage With Your Target Market.

Encourage your potential customers and customers to engage with you. Place strategic calls-to-action on your material and continue to produce quality content. In Joomla, this can be fast and easy if you learn to place modules both in dedicated module positions in your template but also in your articles using the loadposition content plugin.  

6. Don't Fight With Customers.

The fact of the matter is, every business is going to deal with negative feedback once in a while. This is just a fact of life. However, your mission should not be to defend yourself.

Rather, understand why you are receiving the feedback and provide constructive ways to remedy the situation. Try to provide the best customer service possible.

It should not be hard to be nice to your audience.

7. Do Not Trap Your Customers In Your Funnel.

Your customers and leads will never want to feel as if they are being forced into your product and/or service. Be sure that you are nurturing your sales leads and customers and not suffocating them. Always give them a chance to close out of the landing page or site. Make sure that your material doesn't have any long forms to fill or annoying pop ups that can drive customers away.

By implementing these tips, you should be able to improve your inbound marketing efforts dramatically. As you can tell, inbound marketing can be extremely time consuming. The good news is that there is now a way to automate this process. We ourselves experienced how time consuming the entire inbound marketing process is. For this reason, we decided to create the most ridiculously easy to use Joomla component called jInbound in order to automate the entire process from start to finish. I mean, seriously, you will want to check out this plugin. It will for sure save you tons of valuable time and increase your returns from your inbound marketing.