The Biggest Problem With Landing Pages And How To Fix It

The Biggest Problem With Landing Pages And How To Fix It

If you have been wondering why your landing pages are not increasing your conversions like you had hoped for, the problem is most likely the same one that hinders many others - content.

When there are issues with the content, there is no way that your page will appeal to a large number of people.

Here are a few things that will help you get this in order.

Be Clear About What You Are Offering

When someone reaches one of your landing pages, it should not take them a great deal of time to figure out what you are trying to offer them. Ideally, this is something that they should be aware of immediately after reaching the page.

The longer it takes them to understand why they are there, the less likely they will be to become converts.

Use a Powerful Call-To-Action

Many businesses believe that a good call-to-action is something as simple as saying, "Click Here" or "Call Now." Neither of those is very effective since the audience has no idea of why they will be performing these actions.

Try your best to be descriptive when creating call-to-actions. For example, "Click Here For A Free Gift" makes it clear why someone needs to perform the action you would like them to.

Don't Use Generic Stock Photos

Getting people to connect with you and your business is a great way to appeal to them. If they reach your landing page and they are treated to a generic photo of a board meeting, that doesn't really let them know who you are.

Try using real pictures that depict you, your team, or anything that is relevant to the business. This will garner more attention and increase the engagement factor, which is integral to a successful landing page.

Stop Talking So Much

While you want to say enough that you hold the interest of the people who arrive on your landing pages, there is no reason to tell them everything you know at that point. Overloading people with information far too early is a great way to send them packing.

The idea is to tell them enough that they will get intrigued, but not so much that they feel overwhelmed by all of the information given. Being bombarded with words will make some people back away and never return.

One issue that many people have is trying to fill in all of the empty space on a landing page and using irrelevant things to do it. This is a huge mistake that can certainly damage the relationship between you and potential customers.

EVERY part of the page should be related. More blank space is better than placing things that simply don't fit.

As you can probably tell by this point, having quality content on your landing pages is the key to success. If you have been having problems, use all of the information here to help you turn things around.