What NOT To Do When Marketing Your Joomla Site

What NOT To Do When Marketing Your Joomla Site

Marketing your Joomla website is very important and making sure to do it well is the key.

Making errors when you are trying to attract visitors is the last thing that you want to do. If you want to ensure success when marketing your site, you should avoid all of the following mistakes.

Failing To Offer A Call-To-Action To Visit Your Landing Page

While your reason for summoning people to your site may seem self-explanatory, it is important for you to provide them with a call-to-action to visit your Landing Pages. Since you are the one selling a product or service, your job is to let people know what they have to do in order to obtain it.

If you have a site without one, chances are people may end up confused about your purpose and they will leave.

Using Too Many Keywords

Everyone knows the importance of keywords, but it is never a good idea to use so many that your content becomes nonsensical. Adding them to your site description and meta-tags is a good idea, but you should never add so many that people are inundated by them.

This used to be a very common marketing technique, but these days all it will do is get you penalized by search engines.

Offering Mundane Content

Chances are, there are other businesses out there offering people the same thing that you are, so you have to give them a reason to choose you over the competition. Great content can go quite far since looking at the same things all of the time can become boring and humdrum.

If people visit your site and they are treated to fresh content that cannot be found elsewhere, it is very likely that they will stick around.

Broken And Unrelated Links

The quality of the links on your site mean everything to your success. If people click links to get to your site and they are offered random content that has no relevance, the last thing they will think is that you are trustworthy and deserve their attention.

It is also important to make sure that all of your links are active since broken links are another thing that can scare people away.

So be sure to check your site for broken links regularly. You can use this tool for free.

A Sea Of Advertisements

It is common knowledge that many sites need to advertise in order to stay afloat. This is a real problem when there are more advertisements on your Joomla site than useful content.

No one is saying that you cannot have ads, but you should definitely avoid having so many that people lose sight of what they came for. The more advertisements people see, the less likely they will be to look at your site as an authority.

As you already know, marketing a Joomla site is integral to its success. Avoid making the missteps above, and things should run rather smoothly for you. While these errors may seem very minor on the surface, the reality is that they can have very serious repercussions, so make sure that you are careful.