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Are You Stuck in Your Comfort Zone?

You already know that this world is about competition and standing out. To stand out you MUST push your boundaries. Sorry, no other way around--especially if you are in the game of web development / design.

Just look at the myriad of freelancers in elance.com, freelancer.com, or odesk.com to see that competition is harsh. Plus, think about all the available online training that anyone can take today and become a web developer in a zap! This is serious. So, how to differentiate in this “commoditized” world of web design? Get out of your comfort zone by pushing your boundaries!

This is your comfort zone: High levels of stress, anxiety, boredom, self-criticism, envy, excuses for everything. If this is your current state, GET OUT of it, NOW! 

Out of the gazillion tips & tricks that are out there on how to push your boundaries, these 3 are can move the niddle of your comfort zone:

1. Strengthen your self-confidence

Focus your efforts in doing web desgin that you are really good at. This will strengthen your confidence because customers will be ready to give you their “Two Thumbs Up” for your creativity and ability to deliver on time and with the expected quality. This is a winning proposition to boost self-esteem.

2. Imagine your success and take calculated risks

A state of comfort may allow you to create a steady level of performance. But you have to reach a level of optimal anxiety, where your stress levels are slightly higher than normal. It is at this point that you’re ready to push yourself to the next level. You can push yourself when you:

  • Do something bigger than you’ve done in the past. For example, you’ve only built static and now you have the opportunity to build a site that requires integration with a shopping cart provider and a CRM system. Take the job!!!
  • Do something completely new. For example, you are very familiar with WordPress, but your customer wants you to use Joomla as a CMS. Take the job!!! … and learn Joomla! ...Ideally, at Joomlashack University ;-).

3. Be bold – do not conform

Don’t do something “this way” because EVERYBODY does it “this way”. Be different, be bold. If you believe in your work, then do it “My Way”. This doesn’t mean that you will behave like a brat. You MUST be prepared to share the solid reasons that support the route you took for your design.

Freelancing is ALL ABOUT YOU! Be the best at it always. Do not hesitate and have fun! Comfort kills productivity, individuality and creativity. This is no fun at all.

Be willing to go where the magic is!!!





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