How and Why to Use Dark Mode with Joomla

How and Why to Use Dark Mode with Joomla

Nicholas Dionysopoulos from Akeeba has long been one of Joomla's most innovative developers. He has recently built a "Dark Mode" option into his extensions and website.

In the video below, Nicholas explains why Dark Mode is important and how you integrate it into your work. Nicholas' starts by explaining why Dark Mode is so helpful for some people visiting your site, particularly those with photophobia. He then talks us through the options for enabling Dark Mode:

  1. Let the user decide
  2. Let the browser decide
  3. Hybrid: let the browser decide and the user override.

Video of Nicholas' Dark Mode session

This video was part of the Joomlashack Conference 2020. You can find the conference videos on YouTube.

Helpful Links for Nicholas' session

This image shows Dark Mode in the website:

akeeba website


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