Pro Tips for Using Filezilla with Joomla

Pro Tips for Using Filezilla with Joomla

If you use Joomla, you've probably used FTP / SFTP software to access your Joomla files. And there's a good chance that your choice of software was Filezilla.

Filezilla is the most popular FTP application in the world. It's free to download and there's a Pro version for only $19.

In this video from the Joomlashack Conference 2020, Robbie Adair from OSTraining shows you how to super-charge your Filezilla skills. She has tips you can start using now to more efficiently manage your Joomla site.

Here are some of the things Robbie covers in this video:

  • Site Manager: This is where you can easily access all the sites you manage, and the storage locations you use.
  • Bookmarks: These can take you directly to folders that may be deep inside your site's structure.
  • Starting Directories: The first folder you see when opening a site.
  • Synchronized Browing: Automatically sync folders between your remote server and your local computer.
  • Directory and File Comparison: This links up to the syncing feature above. Files are marked in Yellow, Green, or Red so you can quickly compare your local and remote versions.
  • Color Backgrounds: For example, you can use a red background for live sites, and a green background for test sites.

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