How to Solve "Alledia framework not found" Error Message

How to Solve "Alledia framework not found"

We occasionally get reports of some Joomlashack users experiencing this error:

[OSSystem] Alledia framework not found

This problem is normally caused by not uninstalling a Joomlashack extension correctly. We use the "Alledia" framework to power many of our extensions.

Here's how to solve this message.

Option #1. Reinstall the whole extension

To see this error, you must have been using a Joomlashack extension.

The simplest solution is to download and install and fresh copy of the extension from

Option #2. Re-install the framework plugin

Instead of re-installing the whole extension, you can download just the framework plugin.

  • Download the plugin from this link.
  • In your Joomla site, go to Extensions > Install.
  • Install the plugin.

Option #3. Uninstall the plugin

It is possible to remove the Joomlashack extensions from your site, in order to hide this message.

  • Go to Extensions > Manage > Manage.
  • Search for "OSSystem".
  • Check the box next to the plugin.
  • Click "Uninstall".
How to Solve

Option #4. Disable the plugin

We have more ways to disable a Joomla plugin in this tutorial. You can disable the OSSystem plugin by going to your site's files and renaming this folder: /plugins/system/ossystem/.

Option #5. Last resort

Only try this final solution if nothing else has worked. Go to your site's files and edit this file: /libraries/vendor/joomla/filesystem/src/File.php.

Comment out lines 122 to 127 by wrapping the code with slashes with asterisks.

/*$filename = basename($file);
if (!Path::canChmod($file))
 throw new FilesystemException(__METHOD__ . ': Failed deleting inaccessible file ' . $filename);

Next, reinstall the whole extension as explained in Option #1.

For your final step, undo the changes your just made to File.php.

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