How to Solve the "Alledia framework not found" Message

How to Solve "Alledia framework not found"

We occasionally get reports of some Joomlashack users experiencing this error:

[OSSystem] Alledia framework not found

This problem is normally caused by not uninstalling a Joomlashack extension correctly. We use the "Alledia" framework to power many of our extensions.

Here's how to solve this message.

In some environments, when a library is updated Joomla will decide that certain files can't be deleted and abruptly stop in the middle of installation. This is often due to non-standard or unexpected file/folder permissions that confuse the Joomla installer code.

It has been a subject of some debate with no conclusive fix. It may have been resolved as you are reading this. But as this is being written, we continue to find customers experiencing the problem when extensions relying on our Joomlashack Framework are installed or updated.

If you experience the "AllediaFramework Not Found" or "Joomlashack Framework Not Found" messages on your Joomla site, and you are still able to access the site administrator panel, then this extension may solve the problem and reinstall the framework.

  • Download this zip file from its repository
  • Install it using the Joomla Extension Manager. It will provide messages on what it attempted to do. In particular, if all went well, you should see the message "Reinstalling the library was successful".

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