Get Rid of Your Legacy Joomla Code with Viktor Vogel

Get Rid of Your Legacy Joomla Code

We held the Joomlashack Conference over 3 days in mid-November.

This was a free conference featuring over 20 of the best speakers from around the Joomla world.

I was amazed at how good the presentations were. We're currently editing all the videos and posting them to the Joomlashack YouTube channel.

This presentation is from Victor Vogel from Germany. Victor works for Plesk, the hosting control panel company.

Victor has been a good friend for a long time. He has been deeply involved in the Joomla community. He produces extensions like other people produce waffles for breakfast. I think he has about one hundred and fifty Joomla extensions for all sorts of uses.

In this session, Viktor teaches us how to update our legacy Joomla code, so that it would be ready for the latest Joomla 3 and, more importantly, for the upcoming Joomla 4. You will get a quick introduction into the development of Joomla extensions with many useful, practical tips on how to start and set up your coding environment correctly.

After the general introduction, Viktor will show you how to rewrite old extensions to the new Joomla codebase (3.8+/4 compatibility) and the latest PHP version to get rid of legacy code in your Joomla projects.

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