My Sidebar Menu is Missing in the Joomla Admin!

Missing Side Menu in Joomla Admin

One of our clients was having difficulty finding the Joomla administrator sidebar menu. It was hidden away by a Joomla feature that's easy to miss.

This tutorial will help you get your side menu back quickly. Let's get started.

The normal Joomla administrator view has the side menu on the left side, as in you can see in this image:

joomla admin side menu

This next images shows what it looks like when the side menu is missing. This prevents you from navigating to some of the sub-pages of the component.

joomla admin side menu hidden

It's simple to fix. Here's how:

  • Click on the right arrow icon to slide out the side menu, which was hidden when someone clicked on the left arrow.

joomla admin side menu show

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