Joomla Day Boston Done Wright

A couple weeks ago we announced the move of The Wright Joomla Template Framework to Github in an effort to make it more accessible and invite collaboration.  In addition to opening up and inviting collaboration, we're also expanding our efforts to showcase the work of those who adopt Wright for their site development needs!

The Wright Framework Developer Showcase

In this our first Wright Wednesday Developer Showcase we're excited to share a short interview and the work of Dianne Henning, organizer and site developer for Joomla Day Boston.

How long have you been building Joomla templates?
I wouldn’t say that I have been building Joomla templates, more like learning how they are constructed and applying overrides to a custom style sheet. This is the first time I have really “built” a template. When I started to work on the JoomlaDay Boston website, I had just gotten back from the Joomla! World Conference where I sat in on Tito Alvarez’s session about Producing a template from a client design - the easy way. He was using Wright framework as part of his demonstration. I came away from that session with a better understanding of how frameworks and Bootstrap can work together. (Thanks, Tito!)

What is the benefit of using a framework to build a Joomla template?
The template can be set up the way I want it to look without the extra bells and whistles that I don’t need being installed.

Of all the frameworks available, why did you choose Wright for
I had been using another framework/template club for a long time. When I began working on the JoomlaDay Boston website, Mike Carson suggested that I try Wright. I’m glad he did.

What did you like most about the Wright framework?
I like the flexibility it gives me, as well as the responsive features that can be turned on or off from the Wright admin.

What’s the potential you see in the Wright framework?
I can see how I would be able to use Wright, combined with Bootstrap, to create websites for different clients based on their needs, and not having it look like another cookie-cutter website.  

How long did it take to download Wright and create your template for the website?
Downloading was really fast, and creating the template was a process that went quickly once we had the content in place.

Anything else you’d like to share?
I’m still new to Bootstrap and this has given me a great opportunity to learn more about template designing. I have several Joomla design and dev friends in Skype chats who let me ask my crazy questions about how something works, or why it doesn’t, but I also do a lot of Googling until I find the answer that I am looking for. I am really excited about using Wright for future websites and watching my client’s faces when I show them how great the site looks on their desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Thanks for making the design process simpler!

We're thankful to Dianne for taking the time to help us with this questionnaire. As you may know, Dianne has been busy planning and putting the final touches on what's sure to be a great Joomla Day in Boston. If you're in the Boston area, or looking to attend a fantastic Joomla event, we encourage you to look into Joomla Day Boston!