Joomlashack Templates Support Microdata for Joomla Articles

Joomlashack Templates Support Microdata for Joomla Articles

We're happy to announce that the Wright framework now supports microdata for Joomla articles. If you are using the Wright template or any of our commercial templates, you don't need to tweak the code anymore to add microdata. 

The major search engines use microdata to better understand the content of your site. Microdata allows search engines to easily see the key information for each article, including the main image, the author, the publication date, and so on.

To take advantage of this new feature, update to Wright 3.6.8. If you use any of our commercial templates, update your template to the version released this week. 

The Article Schema

Wright integrates the following properties for Joomla articles by using type: Article:

  • name - Page heading defined in a menu item.
  • headline - Article's title.
  • inLanguage - Article's language.
  • genre - Article's category and parent category if exist.
  • dateCreated - Article's created date.
  • dateModified - Article's modified date.
  • datePublished - Article's published date.
  • articleBody - Article's full text.
  • image - Article's full-text image.
  • publisher - Site's name defined in the global configuration, plus the site's logo.
  • author - Article's author.

 Your articles will have all of the above properties except the following two:

  • image - This will show if your site uses Joomla's "Full Article Image" setting.
  • publisher - This will show if your site uses an image as a logo.

How to test microdata in your articles

To check the microdata, you can use the Google Structure Data Testing Tool

  1. Click on "New test".
  2. Paste the URL or the source code of one of your articles.
  3. Click on "Run test".

Google Structured Data Testing Tool

Please, note two things about this testing tool:

  • If you try this tool with sites in localhost, it will throw errors on image URLs since a domain is required.
  • We didn't add support for the "mainEntityOfPage" property, so you may see a warning. This is not a required property, but we'll consider adding support in a future version of Wright.

Finally, if you're not using a Joomlashack template, we have a tutorial on how to add microdata for Joomla articles.