This area contains the changelogs for recent versions of the Shack Error Notify extension. Click here to access the main Shack Error Notify page.

Shack Error Notify Pro v2.0.6

  • Prevent site crash when no email addresses are configured.

Commit Log

  • a43e25f Release v2.0.6 [Bill Tomczak]
  • c0bd496 Prevent site crash when no email addresses configured [Bill Tomczak]

Shack Error Notify Pro v2.0.5

  • Include request method in email report
  • Small improvement to test messaging

Commit Log

  • 12249dc Release v2.0.5 [Bill Tomczak]
  • 8664b6b Tweak messaging for testing button [Bill Tomczak]
  • aac57fa Add request method to report [Bill Tomczak]
  • 6c9f541 Bump dev version [Bill Tomczak]

Shack Error Notify Pro v2.0.4

  • Fix 0 Class 'Joomla\CMS\Form\Field\ListField' not found error

Commit Log

  • a574d48 Release v2.0.4 [Bill Tomczak]
  • 71e380e ERRNOTIFY-6: Don't rely on framework form field [Bill Tomczak]
  • f459ddb Bump dev version [Bill Tomczak]

Shack Error Notify Pro v2.0.3

  • Maintenance release
  • Update to pass by problematic framework

Commit Log

  • 5c916d4 Release v2.0.3 [Bill Tomczak]
  • 226ef8e Remove nonexistent parameter [Bill Tomczak]

Shack Error Notify Pro v2.0.2

  • Use improved Form Field configurations

Commit Log

  • af29a49 Release v2.0.2 [Bill Tomczak]
  • 6817ed2 Use native Joomla 4 list/radio form fields [Bill Tomczak]
  • 81f7c01 Use proper shutdown method [Bill Tomczak]

Shack Error Notify Pro v2.0.1

  • Maintenance release

Commit Log

  • df7441e Release v2.0.1 [Bill Tomczak]
  • 24c47a6 Standards fixes [Bill Tomczak]
  • 026f7c4 Update file headers [Bill Tomczak]

Shack Error Notify Pro v2.0.0

  • Updates for Joomla 4 compatibility
  • Improvements to testing procedure and messaging

Commit Log

  • 93fe3a0 Release v2.0.0 [Bill Tomczak]
  • 30d73fd Set official name [Bill Tomczak]
  • 0c7b9a4 Improvements to test messaging [Bill Tomczak]
  • ef19499 Standards update [Bill Tomczak]
  • f3c3930 Merge pull request #2 from joomlashack/joomla-4 [Bill Tomczak]
  • 1fac10e Language improvement [Bill Tomczak]
  • 7af60ff Bypass com_ajax exception handling for betting test results [Bill Tomczak]
  • 08198d4 Handle Exceptions in Joomla 4 [Bill Tomczak]
  • 77fd522 More compatible jQuery.get() call [Bill Tomczak]
  • 1d9b112 Better ajax test setup [Bill Tomczak]
  • 1c062e4 Target success/fail ajax responses [Bill Tomczak]
  • 7851848 Improve testing messaging [Bill Tomczak]
  • 55c34e5 Add more flexibility to testing method [Bill Tomczak]
  • d12a322 Fix typo [Bill Tomczak]
  • c4b8f31 Remove unused methods [Bill Tomczak]
  • 99b89f3 Use AllediaFramework list form field [Bill Tomczak]
  • acf1966 Add missing phpdocs [Bill Tomczak]
  • 7ce28d6 Add color support for list fields in J4 [Bill Tomczak]
  • ff21543 Restore ignoreCodes parameter to original position [Bill Tomczak]
  • 71307b6 Restore original enabling logic [Bill Tomczak]
  • 49388f0 Simplify a couple methods [Bill Tomczak]
  • d69b23f Create common sendMail() method [Bill Tomczak]
  • 18d9888 Rename exception handling [Bill Tomczak]
  • 24de07f Standards update [Bill Tomczak]
  • 97c3fe5 Standards Updates [Bill Tomczak]
  • b1dd218 Move ignoreCodes parameter for exception only trapping [Bill Tomczak]
  • a6909e1 Standards fixes [Bill Tomczak]
  • ba37c15 Improve language [Bill Tomczak]
  • 5eb4a30 Standards fixes [Bill Tomczak]
  • 469e2f4 Make sure jQuery is loaded [Bill Tomczak]
  • 2f0ee74 Standards updates [Bill Tomczak]
  • 1f36962 Bump dev version [Bill Tomczak]
  • 181f9b0 Update for new builder/installer [Bill Tomczak]
  • bb07273 Update php requirements [Bill Tomczak]

Shack Error Notify Pro v1.0.5

  • Fixes incompatibility with Gantry

Commit Log

  • bb51948 Release v1.0.5 [Bill Tomczak]
  • 64b6891 Merge pull request #1 from joomlashack/SHKERR-2 [Bill Tomczak]
  • d858939 Add JED URL to footer [Bill Tomczak]
  • bd6d9eb Delay use of core classes to let Gantry redefine core classes [Bill Tomczak]
  • 48cae11 Bump dev version [Bill Tomczak]

Shack Error Notify Pro v1.0.4

  • Add filter for http response codes

Commit Log

  • f5869b2 Release v1.0.4 [Bill Tomczak]
  • 5f5786b Add ability to filter out http response codes [Bill Tomczak]

Shack Error Notify Pro v1.0.3

  • Revert to separate selectors for Errors vs Exceptions

Commit Log

  • 8ae3f86 release v1.0.3 [Bill Tomczak]
  • 38d1a09 Revert to original separate selectors for Errors vs Exceptions [Bill Tomczak]
  • 1eb327f Language improvement [Bill Tomczak]