This area contains the changelogs for recent versions of the Shack Toolbox extension. Click here to access the main Shack Toolbox page.

Shack Toolbox Pro v3.0.3

Resolves a conflict with Joomla's readmore plugin

Commit Log

  • 7f75033 Release v3.0.3 [Bill Tomczak]
  • 5b6564f Merge pull request #17 from OSTraining/TBOX-25 [Bill Tomczak]
  • af089eb Namespace the custom dispatcher events [Bill Tomczak]
  • a50e37c bump dev version [Bill Tomczak]

Shack Toolbox Pro v3.0.2

  • Fixes issue with parameters reverting to defaults
  • Make clear theme settings button work
  • Compress admin javascript
  • Various internal updates/corrections

Commit Log

  • 68d407b Release v3.0.2 [Bill Tomczak]
  • 587e44c bump dev version [Bill Tomczak]
  • cb8d4d5 Make clear theme settings button functional [Bill Tomczak]
  • 2517250 Fix initial theme settings reverting to default TBOX-22 [Bill Tomczak]
  • 77f9885 Remove unused default theme setting [Bill Tomczak]
  • fa19f28 Fix formatting [Bill Tomczak]
  • 4e5c97b Add missing module requirement [Bill Tomczak]
  • e0431e5 Fix code formatting [Bill Tomczak]
  • 9b746c0 Compress admin js code [Bill Tomczak]
  • 8fba537 Bump dev version [Bill Tomczak]
  • ca41cfb Don’t overwrite settings on admin UI init TBOX-21 [Bill Tomczak]
  • b303ec3 Minor formatting fix [Bill Tomczak]
  • c602382 Minor reorganization of plugin [Bill Tomczak]
  • 00d5adf Formatting and comment fixes [Bill Tomczak]
  • 9883aa6 Update JED URL [Bill Tomczak]

Shack Toolbox Pro v3.0.1

  • Mainly cosmetic changes and Joomlashack Branding

Commit Log

  • e647394 Release v3.0.1 [Bill Tomczak]
  • 45ed082 Updates to test updated features in installer [Bill Tomczak]
  • 5b70424 Merge pull request #16 from OSTraining/TBOX-13 [Valentín]
  • e212eda Switch to list field type due the strings are too large for radio [Valentín García]
  • 16bfc79 Merge pull request #15 from OSTraining/TBOX-14 [Valentín]
  • 67244e3 Replace "Everything" mention [Valentín García]
  • a897023 Add Joomlashack branding [Bill Tomczak]
  • 9237a97 Bump dev version [Bill Tomczak]
  • ea9ece8 Fix some typos [Bill Tomczak]
  • 1767f78 Do not show button for disabled plugins and add messaging for no available plugins TBOX-12 [Bill Tomczak]
  • 440e3d8 Bump dev version [Bill Tomczak]

Shack Toolbox Pro v3.0.0

First release of mod_pwebbox (Everything in Everyway) lightbox under Joomlashack management.