This area contains the changelogs for recent versions of the Simple Renew extension. Click here to access the main Simple Renew page.

Simple Renew v2.2.11

  • Fixes fatal error ‘SimplerenewFilterInput::cleanArray() must be of the type array’
  • Updates admin branding footers

Commit Log

  • fbc03269 Release v2.2.11 [Bill Tomczak]
  • 7546784c Add standard footers to admin pages [Bill Tomczak]
  • 424efb9d Minor formatting fixes to manifest [Bill Tomczak]
  • cf826f9c Bump Dev version [Bill Tomczak]
  • bb77369a Add field path for joomlashack customfooter in config [Bill Tomczak]
  • a7544385 Fixes fatal error ‘SimplerenewFilterInput::cleanArray() must be of the type array’ [Bill Tomczak]
  • 940da864 Add include for AllediaFreeDefaultFiles [Nick Savov]
  • 9f140bc2 Change "oscampus" to "simplerenew" [Nick Savov]
  • 3dce6174 Add custom footer [Nick Savov] Bills-iMac:Simplerenew bill$

Simple Renew v2.2.10

  • Fix incompatibility with php 7.2
  • Fix php strict error on class inheritance

Commit Log

  • 618dc809 Release v2.2.10 [Bill Tomczak]
  • 606e4864 Fix inheritance issue [Bill Tomczak]
  • 26447b32 Reformat config manifest to newer standards [Bill Tomczak]
  • ed6d9deb Bump dev version [Bill Tomczak]
  • d6665293 Updates for compatibility with php 7.2.x [Bill Tomczak]

Simple Renew v2.2.9

  • Reorder credit card fields to standards
  • Incorporate SRSubscriptions and SRGroupLeaders into standard install

Commit Log

  • f739a780 Release v2.2.9 [Bill Tomczak]
  • 37986c1c Update system requirements [Bill Tomczak]
  • e6e3c277 Reorder CC fields [Valentín]
  • 060a0255 Include SRSubscriptions and SRGroupLeaders in the core build. [Bill Tomczak]
  • e39dede4 Bump dev version [Bill Tomczak]

Simple Renew v2.2.8

  • Fixes a problem with installation in the previous release

Commit Log

  • 491ac0b2 Release v2.2.8 [Bill Tomczak]
  • 2d3edee8 Remove stray bad code [Bill Tomczak]
  • 18a7cadf Bump dev version [Bill Tomczak]

Simple Renew v2.2.7

Minor maintenance release

  • Updates for new Recurly webhook notifications
  • Fixes incorrect error message on Renewal process

Commit Log

  • 01116c22 Release v2.2.7 [Bill Tomczak]
  • f3f6752d Merge branch 'master' into development [Bill Tomczak]
  • 0bef916a Renewal display is a valid task SR-447 [Bill Tomczak]
  • 967e34c8 Fix method signature [Bill Tomczak]
  • 32cf52be Add new web hook notification type [Bill Tomczak]
  • ec9a6967 Add new Recurly web hook notification [Bill Tomczak]
  • e18e0b13 Remove unneeded script code [Bill Tomczak]
  • 28d4c593 Update copyright headers [Bill Tomczak]


Simple Renew

v2.2.4 - hotfix
Apr 27, 2017

  • Fix missed issues with Joomla! 3.7 compatibility

v2.2.3 - hotfix
Apr 26, 2017

  • Fixes imcompatibility with Joomla! 3.7
  • Fixes issues with forcing single selection on multi-sub sites

Apr 3, 2017

  • Fix issue with Recurly Invoices causing 404
  • New subscription menu parameter to force single plan selection (multisub sites)
  • New configuration parameter for sitewide coupons
  • Improve plan selection form field (remove Joomla 2.5 support)

v2.2.1 - Library Upgrade
Feb 14, 2017

  • Update Recurly API support library to v2.7.1
  • Allow additional optional fields for Company, Address, Phone

v2.1.1 - Fixes update on Watchful
Oct 30, 2016

  • Prepare for release - Fixes update on Watchful

v2.1.0 Joomlashack rebrand and maintenance
Oct 13, 2016

  • Prepare for releasing
  • Rebrands for Joomlashack
  • Simplify testing for CC changes
  • Provide autofill defaults for duplicate fields
  • Minor code reformat
  • Begin next dev cycle

v2.0.5 Maintenance
Aug 25, 2016

  • Minor adjustments and testing deployment system
  • Prepare new release
  • Remove empty description due to changes in Joomla 3.6
  • Language string improvement



SR Group Leaders (included with Simple Renew Pro)

v1.1.0 Joomlashack rebrand
Oct 13, 2016

  • Prepare for releasing
  • Rebrands for Joomlashack
  • Update build requirements doc

v1.0.6 Maintenance
Jun 29, 2016

  • Minor code updates and compatibility with deployment server
  • Callback to parent postFlight()
  • Added missing models folder to admin
  • Standardize alledia/license custom manifest tag
  • Bump version for dev

v1.0.5 First Public Release
Jun 7, 2016

  • First publicly available version for paid subscribers
  • Updates for first public release
  • Changes to the Pro version
  • Cleans up the file
  • Don't remove add_register.php on installation
  • Make sure we always return a group object
  • check for at least one plan
  • Fix class name comment
  • Update for v1.0.5 dev cycle



SR Subscriptions (included with Simple Renew Pro)

v2.1.1 Allow Date editing
Oct 17, 2016

  • Allow date editing

v2.1.0 Joomlashack rebrand and maintenance
Oct 13, 2016

  • Prepares for release
  • Rebrands for Joomlashack
  • Add missing return value
  • Standardize alledia/license custom manifest tag
  • version bump for dev

v2.0.1 First public version
Jun 7, 2016

  • First publicly available version for paid subscribers
  • Adjustment for possible php version compatibilities
  • Include licensemanager and prepare for first public release
  • Backout unneeded builder var
  • Says to builder that we don't have a free version
  • Changes to Pro version
  • Cleans up the file
  • Bump version for dev