Extra Extensions Installed With JCal Pro

jcal pro addons

When you install or update your JCal Pro component, it automatically installs or updates the following extensions:

  • Library "Joomlashack Framework": library, required for the normal functionality of the JCal Pro component and its add-ons.
  • System plugin "System - JCal Pro": another system plugin required for the normal operation of JCal Pro.
  • System plugin "System - Joomlashack License Manager": plugin required for receiving automatic notifications on Joomlashack extension updates.
  • Library "JCalDate": library processing JCal Pro dates.
  • Library "ICalCreator": library, required for exporting JCal Pro calendars into external programs in .ics format.
  • System plugin "JCal Pro System": required for the normal operation of JCal Pro. 
  • Search plugin "Search - JCal Pro": search plugin for JCal Pro events. Includes its own dedicated search feature. In addition, the Joomla search plugin will allow your events to be searchable from the core Joomla search engine and any other Joomla extension (such as Advanced Search) that uses search plugins to locate content. When using Advanced Search you will be able to filter events by date range for example.
  • Content plugin "Content - JCal Pro": plugin required for the correct operation of JCal Pro.
  • Editor plugin "Button - JCal Pro": plugin displaying the "Event" button at the top of TinyMCE editor to allow inserting JCal Pro events into Joomla articles.
  • JCal Pro core plugin "User - JCal Pro": core user plugin required for the normal operation of JCal Pro.
  • Module "JCal Pro Events": module displaying a list of JCal Pro events. Use it to dynamically display the upcoming events on your Joomla calendar.
  • Module "JCal Pro Calendar": module displaying generated by JCal Pro compact mini-calendar. Great when you need to display a full calendar in a small space. It has numerous options to control the events displayed on the mini-calendar and the parameters can be customized for multiple copies.
  • Module "JCal Pro Locations": module to display a map of JCal Pro events locations. The Locations Module is great for displaying a dynamic map of all your events. You can also configure the module to geolocate the site visitor and display events close to their location.
  • Module "JCal Pro Flex": module to display a list of JCal Pro events. This module is the sharpest, most efficient way to display JCal Pro events. You can display today's events, tomorrow's events, events on a specific day of the week, next week's events, or even a mini-calendar, all together in up to 9 of Joomla’s popular sliders. 
  • Theme "JCal Pro Theme - Barbarians": theme for JCal Pro frontend pages.
  • Theme "JCal Pro Theme - Inspired": theme for JCal Pro frontend pages.
  • Theme "JCal Pro Theme - Minimal": theme for JCal Pro frontend pages.