You can quickly install OSDonate with Joomla built-in extensions installer. All it takes is just a few clicks.

  • In your Joomla control panel go to Extensions > Manage:

Extensions > Manage

You will see Extensions: Install administrative page.

  • Under the Upload Package File tab, click the Or browse for file green button:

Or browse for file green button

  • In the Open File box, find the Joomlashack extension you need to install and click on its file name twice
  • Everything being well, you should see successful installation messages on a light green background:

OSDonate installed


Before installing OSDonate extension on your site, please ensure it meets the following technical requirements.

In order for this extension to work normally on your site, the extension must meet some technical requirements. Once you read the instructions below, you will be able to easily identify what those requirements are. You will also learn what to do if your site fails to meet one of them.

PHP Requirements

We strongly suggest using at least PHP 5.6. PHP itself doesn't support any versions lower than 5.6. Click here to see more details on currently supported PHP versions or see the "Supported Versions" diagram below.

Currently supported PHP versions

Click here to see more details on currently supported PHP versions. Any version of PHP before 5.6 doesn’t have security updates and will not keep your site safe.

As you can see from the diagram, any release of PHP lower than 5.6 marked as "End of life". According to the PHP website, a PHP release marked as "End of life" is:

A release that is no longer supported. Users of this release should upgrade as soon as possible, as they may be exposed to unpatched security vulnerabilities.

The official Joomla recommendation is PHP 5.6 or higher. Click here to see Joomla's recommendations.

Databases Requirements

My SQL - version 5.5.3 or newer.

SQL Server - version 10.50.1600.1 or newer.

PostgreSQL - version 9.1 or newer.

Web Servers Requirements

Apache - version 2.4 and newer.

Nginx - version 1.8 and newer.

Microsoft IIS - version 7 and newer.

Joomla Version Requirements

Joomlashack supports the latest version of Joomla 3. If you're unsure about the latest version of Joomla, click here to visit At the time of writing, the latest version of Joomla is 3.8.0:

What Version of PHP, Database, and Joomla Do I Have?

If you are not sure what version of PHP or Joomla your site is currently running, here's how you can find it out:

In your Joomla site, go to System > System Information:

System Information

Both your Joomla and PHP versions will be visible on this page:

Joomla PHP supported versions

What Should I Do if My PHP Version is Below 5.6?

Copy-and-paste this text and send it to your hosting company:

I'm interested in running the Joomla web software and I was wondering if my account supported the following:

PHP 5.6 or greater
MySQL 5.5 or greater OR MariaDB 10.0 or greater
The mod_rewrite Apache module
HTTPS support

The OSDonate Pro version include 3 new theme styles to change the design of the module.

  • To access, go to Extensions > Modules.
  • Create a new OSDonate module, or edit an existing one.
  • Theme Style

theme style

In addition, you can choose a custom color to apply to the below theme styles.

Minimal Pro theme style


Source Pro theme style


Setoff Pro theme style


OSDonate is a Paypal Donate Button for Joomla 3.

#1. Download and Install

You can download OSDonate from this page.

Then install it from:

  1. Extensions
  2. Manage
  3. Upload Package File
  4. Upload the Package File by clicking Browse
  5. Click "Upload & Install"

#2. Access the Module Via Module Manager

  • Go to Extensions
  • Manage
  • Create or edit an existing OSDonate module

#3. Basic Options

module 2
  • Open in new window: When the Paypal button is clicked, do you want the Paypal Donate page to open in a new window? 
  • Success return page: After the user has donated at Paypal, to which page do you want the user to return? 
  • Cancel return page: If the user cancels at the Paypal Donate page, to which page do you want the user to return?
  • Paypal
    • E-Mail/PayPal ID: Enter yours. 
    • Company Logo URL: This logo will appear on the Paypal Donate page. Pretty cool, huh?
    • Paypal button image: You can leave this as the default. It's the URL to the Paypal Donate image that the user should click on to go to the Paypal Donate form.
    • Paypal language: Select the language in which the Paypal form should appear.
    • Paypal Description: You can display a custom description in the Paypal Form to the user. 
    • Currencies: Which currencies do you want to allow the user to select? Separate with a comma(,). The first currency will be the default. Check with Paypal to make sure the currency is available.
  • Layout
    • Show intro text: Do you want to show an into text? 
    • Show amount field: Do you want to show the amount? 
    • Theme style: choose a different design for the donation form (only in Pro version)
    • Custom color: choose a custom color scheme for the donation form (only in Pro version)
  • Custom Text
    • Intro text: Type your intro text here. You can style it with html if desired.
    • Amount: Pre-fill the amount if desired. You can leave it blank if desired.
    • Amount label: Pre-fill the amount if desired. You can leave it blank if desired.

#4. Examples of Basic Options


#5. Sticky options

module 3
  • Use sticky hover: Do you want OSDonate to stay in the same position even when the page scrolls? This is an awesome feature to get it noticed! 
  • Horizontal Reference Side: Do you want it to be closer to the right or left? 
  • Horizontal distance: How far in pixels? (*no need to add the px, just use digits) 
  • Vertical Reference Side: Do you want it to be closer to the top or bottom? 
  • Vertical distance: How far in pixels? (*no need to add the px, just use digits) 
  • Width: If the default is too narrow you can make it wider.

Here's an example of sticky:


#6. Configure the Module

  • Show Title: Generally set to "No."
  • Position: Usually debug position is the best practice if you're using the Sticky Hover option. Note: Some templates do not have a debug position. You can follow the How to Add a Debug Position tutorial to add it if needed.  If you're not using the Sticky Hover option, simply select the position that you want it in.
  • Published: Published. *In Joomla 1.5 this will be Enabled.*

Menu Assignment: Determine on which pages you want the Paypal donate to appear.


Save and you're done! Preview it, and configure to your liking!