How to Embed JCal Pro Events in Joomla Articles

The Content  - JCal Pro and Button - JCal Pro plugins allow you to easily embed events from your JCal Pro® component into your Joomla articles. You will just need to click on the Event button to achieve this.

the event button

The main benefits of using the plugins are:

  • Ability to embed events in content items with one click
  • Freeing JCal Pro events from the confines of a calendar-based display
  • Automatic updating of event details in all Joomla articles once you edited the event details in JCal Pro® 

JCal Pro® has turbo-charged this plugin to offer a wide range of display options to give maximum flexibility to end-users.

How to Embed Event Using Tags

To display upcoming or recent events in a Joomla article, simply place the following tag in your article where you want the events to appear:

  • Basic syntax (uses all plugin defaults): {jcal_latest}

Additional Parameters

For maximum flexibility, use the following parameters in your tags. You may use them alone or in combination. These parameters will then override the default settings.

  • cat | [comma-seperated list of category IDs listed in the category manager]
  • eventid | [comma-seperated list of event IDs listed in the event manager]
  • show_description [yes | no]
  • show_category [yes | no]
  • readmore [yes | no]
  • max_upcoming [number of upcoming events to list]
  • max_recent [number of recent events to list]
  • sort [date | category]
  • direction [asc | desc]


  • List of events by specific event ID:
    • {jcal_latest eventid=110,111,112}
  • List of upcoming events in specific calendars:
    • {jcal_latest cal=2,3}
  • List of upcoming events with description visible & the readmore link hidden:
    • {jcal_latest show_description=yes readmore=no}
  • List of the next 5 upcoming events:
    • {jcal_latest max_upcoming=5}
  • List of the last 2 recent events:
    • {jcal_latest max_recent=2}
  • List of upcoming events in categories 2 and 3, sorted ascendingly by date:
    • {jcal_latest sort=date direction=asc cat=2,3} 
  • Combination of many parameters:
    • {jcal_latest cat=1,2 max_recent=4 direction=desc sort=category max_upcoming=4 show_readmore=no show_description=yes}