How to Embed JCal Pro Events in Joomla Articles

JCal Pro allows you to embed events in Joomla content with one click.

This enabled you to show JCal Pro event outside the confines of a calendar-based display.

How to Embed Single Events

  • After installing JCal Pro, go to edit a Joomla article. Click the "Event" button in your editor:

embed event

  • You'll see a pop-up window with a list of your events. Choose your event and which details you want to display:

jcalpro events embed

  • After clicking on your chosen event, you'll see the event inside your article, as in this image:

event in article

How to Embed Multiple Events

  • To display upcoming or recent events in a Joomla article, simply place the following tag in your article where you want the events to appear:

There is no button to insert these shortcodes. You type these shortcodes directly into your articles.

Additional Options for Embeds

For maximum flexibility, use the following parameters in your tags. You may use them alone or in combination. These parameters will then override the default settings.

  • cat, category [comma-seperated list of category IDs listed in the category manager]
  • show_category [true/false]
  • date, show_date [true/false]
  • description, show_description [true/false]
  • readmore, show_readmore [true/false]
  • time, show_time [true/false]
  • list_limit, max_upcoming [max # of upcoming events (forces range to ‘upcoming’)]
  • max_recent [max # of recent events (forces range to ‘past’)]
  • range (see possible values below)
Range Description
all All events
last_30 Last 30 days
last_month Last month
last_week Last week
last_year Last year
next_2_months Next 2 months
next_2_weeks Next 2 weeks
next_30 Next 30 days
next_3_months Next 3 months
next_3_weeks Next 3 weeks
next_month Next month
next_week Next week
next_year Next year
ongoing Ongoing
past Started in past
past_end Ended in past
this_month This month
this_week This week
this_year This year
today today
tomorrow Tomorrow
upcoming Starts in the future
upcoming_end Ends in the future
yesterday Yesterday

Let's see some examples of those shortcodes in action. Here's how to create a list of specific events, using the ID of each event:


Here's how to create a list of upcoming events from specific calendars:

{jcal_latest cat=2,3}

Here's how to create a list of upcoming events with the description visible & the readmore link hidden:

{jcal_latest show_description=true readmore=false}

Here's how to build a list of the next 5 upcoming events:

{jcal_latest max_upcoming=5}

This shortcode will list the last 2 recent events:

{jcal_latest max_recent=2}

List of upcoming events in categories #2 and #3:

{jcal_latest cat=2,3}

It's possible to combine as many options as you want. For example:

{jcal_latest cat=1,2 max_recent=4 show_readmore=true show_description=true}