How to Use a Custom PHP Date Format in JCal Pro

JCal Pro offers you 56 pre-set formats for event dates. It also allows you to set your own custom PHP format for event dates.

With custom PHP date format, you can display dates mixed with other characters or even words, as you see fit. For example, you may prefer to customize "2 May 2020" to "2-nd of May, 2020", or "2-nd of May, 2020. Event duration: ".

Here is how you can use a custom PHP date format in JCal Pro.

  • In your Joomla administrator panel, go to "Components" > "JCal Pro":

go to components jcal pro

  • You will be taken to the default screen "JCal Pro: Events". In the top right corner of the screen, click "Options":

click options

  • This will bring you to the "JCal Pro Configuration" screen. Click the "Display" tab:

click the display tab

  • Locate the "Event Format" parameter. Type in your own custom PHP date format, for example, l jS \of F Y -- inside the "Event Format" field and press the Enter key.

type in your custom php date format

  • Click "Save". You will see the l jS \of F Y -- in the "Event Format" field changed to "Saturday 1st of February 2020 --":

the php date displayed at backend

  • Visit a page of a JCal Pro calendar event. You will see this new date format now displays as " Saturday 2nd of May 2020 -- ":

final resut at frontend