How to Hide the "This event does not repeat" Message

By default, when you open a JCal Pro event under a JCal Pro category, you will see the "This event does not repeat" message:

this event does not repeat text

But what if you would like to hide this message? In this document, you will learn how to do this.

  • In your Joomla administrator panel, go to "Extensions" > "Language(s)" > "Overrides":

go to extensions languages overrides

  • You will see the "Languages: Overrides" screen, as shown on the next image. Select the "Select Language & Client" filter to "<Your Language (Your Country)> - Administrator". For our example, I set it to "English (United Kingdom) - Administrator":

set the language and client

  • In the top left corner, click the "New" button:

click the new button

  • This will bring you to the "Languages: Edit Override" screen, as you can see on the next image. Tick the "For Both Locations" checkbox:

tick for both locations checkbox

  • Enter "This event does not" (without the double quotes) in the "Search" box and click the blue "Search" button:

enter the text and click the search button

  • You will see the search results displaying the "Event does not repeat" language string, as shown on the next image. Click anywhere on this search result:

click on the search result

  • You will see the "Event does not repeat" text appeared in the "Text" field on the left side of the screen:

the text field got populated

  • Delete this text and click "Save" or "Save & Close".
  • Check your event. You will see that it doesn't display the "Event does not repeat" text:

the text gone