How to Use the JCalPro Events Module

jcal pro events module settings

The JCal Pro Events module is a part of JCal Pro component installation package. Once you install the component, you also installed the module.

Its purpose is to show an unordered list of either previous events, upcoming events, or both according to user settings. Titles of these events are text links and may include time, date, and contact information.

You will find the module main settings under the Module tab. Available are the following parameters.

  • Featured: This setting allows you to highlight featured events displayed by the module. Default: Highlight
  • Date Range: Select from what date range you would like the module to display JCal Pro events. Available are the following options: 
    • Starts in Future (Default)
    • No Filter
    • Ongoing
    • Starts in Past
    • Ends in Past
    • Ends in Future
    • Today
    • Tomorrow 
    • Yesterday
    • This Week
    • Last Week
    • Next Week
    • Next 2 Weeks
    • Next 3 Weeks
    • This Month
    • Last Month
    • Next Month
    • Next 2 Months
    • Next 3 Months
    • This Year
    • Last Year
    • Next Year
  • Category Filter: Filter the events displayed by the module. In order to show all events, regardless of their category, either leave this field empty or select Root. Keep in mind, that selecting Root along with other categories will be ignored. Default: all categories.
  • List Limit: Set here a maximum number of events to display by the module. Default: 5.
  • Filter Locations: Set here your JCal Pro Events module to display events with a certain location.
  • Top Fields: Select which JCal Pro custom fields to display above events descriptions.
  • Bottom Fields: Select which JCal Pro custom fields to display below events descriptions.
  • Landing Page: Select the landing page to override the normally selected one.
  • Empty HTML: Enter here any custom HTML code to display by the module, when there are no events to display. Default: empty.