How to Use reCaptcha With JCal Pro

For community web sites or sites with many active users, you may receive numerous events submitted via JCal Pro®. Unfortunately, any form on the internet such as the Add Event form in JCal Pro® is a target for spambots. 

Best anti-spam protecting solution is to enable JCal Pro's integration with Joomla's Google ReCAPTCHA plugin. 

Joomla's Captcha - ReCaptcha plugin

Before you begin, you will need to create and configure a reCAPTCHA account at Google ReCAPTCHA site.

  • Create a new reCAPTCHA account or log in to your existing account.
  • Navigate to the My Sites area and select Add a New Site.
  • Complete the Register a New Site form using the domain name of your web site and click Register.
  • You will see the page with your keys: 
Keys created
  • Open up Joomla's Captcha - ReCaptcha plugin
  • Enter the Site Key (1) and Secret Keys (2) into their respective fields:

Google keys

  • Click Save & Close
  • Go to Users > Manage > Options:

Users Options

  • Set the Captcha (1) parameter to Captcha - ReCaptcha (2) 

Captcha setting

  • Click Save & Close
  • Go to Components > JCal Pro > Options: 

Jcal Pro Options

  • Under the Environment tab, locate the Captcha (1) setting and set it to Captcha - ReCaptcha (2)

Jcal Pro Captcha setting

  • Click Save & Close

You will now see that your Add Event event submission form is protected from spam by Google's ReCaptcha:

Event submission form protected