Repeating Events and How to Cancel Them in JCal Pro

Using JCal Pro's Repeat Method feature, you can create events that repeat with a specified pattern. Examples include:

  • Recurring weekly on Fridays (i.e. staff meeting at work or regular performance for a band)
  • Recurring on the 1st of the month (i.e. payroll reminder)
  • Recurring  on the last Friday of every other month (i.e. manual inventory check)
  • Recurring  annually on the last Monday in May (ie. Memorial Day in the USA)
  • Recurring  annually on a specific date (i.e. Christmas on Dec. 25)

repeat method tab

The options are almost limitless and match those found in many desktop calendar programs such as Outlook or iCal.

How to Make an Event Recurring

To set an event being created or edited as a recurring event in JCal Pro:

  • In the Repeat Method tab of the New or Edit Event admin page, choose one of the following:
    • Repeat Daily (repeat every X days) or
    • Repeat Weekly (repeat every X weeks on a specified day) or
    • Repeat Monthly (repeat every X months on a specified date or specified day of the week) or
    • Repeat yearly (repeat every X years in a specified month on a specified date or specified day of the week)
  • In the Repeat End Date section of the New or Edit Event form, specify one of the following:
    • End after (your specified number of) occurrences
    • Repeat until: (your specified date of the last occurrence of the event).

How to Cancel Several Recurring Events

If for whatever logistical reasons one or more child events from your series of recurring events get canceled, you can detach such event(s) from this series. Simply unpublish that event(s) and it won't be a child of the parent event it branched out from.

  • Go to Components > JCal Pro > Events
  • Click on the status icon of the event to unpublish it (1)
  • Click OK (2)  

05 unpublish to detach

You will see:

  1. The system message "1 Item Unpublished"
  2. The event status icon changed from Published to Unpublished
  3. The event type in the Repeating column changed from Repeat (Child) to Repeat (Detached) 

06 event unpublished