Upgrading JCal Pro Versions Prior to 4.2.4

If you are upgrading JCal Pro to the current version from a version earlier than 4.2.4, you need to have an account with a subscription that includes JCalPro. If you do have a valid subscription, log in and you will see the link here

  • Make sure you created a complete site backup, including the site database and files and folders
  • Install the JCal Pro 4.2.4 over your current JCal Pro installation using the Joomla extensions installer.
  • Go to Components > JCal Pro

You will see the "Event dates and times need to be corrected due to recent changes." notice.

  • Click the blue "Click here" button:

Notice and Click here button

  • You should see the message "Events table successfully updated":

Success message

There you have it. You just finished updating your JCal Pro to version 4.3.0.