Add a New Lesson with OSCampus

Each class should have many lessons. To add new lessons follow these steps:

  1. Go to Components
  2. OSCampus
  3. Lessons
  4. New

add lesson

 Fill in the main lesson details:

  • Class. Select the class where this lesson will belong.
  • Module. Type the module name for this lesson. i.e. Introduction.
  • Lesson type. Choose from these options:
    • Quiz
    • Text only
    • Wistia video
    • URL Embed
  • Published. Leave as published.
  • Access. Limit the access for this lesson to specific users.

lesson main

  • In Description tab you can optionally type a short explanation for this lesson.
  • In Metadata tab type custom title and description for SEO purposes.

lesson extra

  • Click Save (not Save and close).

Add content to the lesson

Go to Content tab and fill in the content; this depends on the lesson type you choose from previous step.

wistia lesson

In the lesson type above we show a Wistia video, so, inserting the Wistia video ID is enough for OSCampus to generate the Wistia video embed in frontend.

  • Click Save and close when you're done.
  • Repeat the process to add more lessons.