How to Add a New Pathway with OSCampus

Learning pathway is described as the chosen route, taken by a learner through a range of (commonly) e-learningactivities, which allows them to build knowledge progressively. With learning pathways, the control of choice moves away from the tutor to the learner. "The sequence of intermediate steps from preconceptions to target model form what Scott (1991) and Niedderer and Goldberg (1995) have called a learning pathway. For any particular topic, such a pathway would provide both a theory of instruction and a guideline for teachers and curriculum developers" (Clement 2000).

Wikipedia, Learning pathway

A pathway in OSCampus is how you as an online training provider categorize a sequence of your online classes you offer via OSCampusThink of an OSCampus pathway as a container for your online classes.

This feature allows classes to be assigned to more than one pathway, something that Joomla categories can't do.

To create an OSCampus pathway:

  • Go to Components > OSCampus Pro.
  • You will be taken to the OSCampus Pro: Classes administrative page. In the left navbar, click Pathways:

click pathways

  • You will see the OSCampus Pro: Pathways screen. In the top left corner, click New:

click new

  • You will see the OSCampus Pro: Create Pathway page.
  • Enter your OSCampus Pro pathway details:
    • Title.
    • Image (optional).
    • Description
    • Published status.
    • Access.
    • Metadata for SEO purposes (optional).

enter pathway details

  • Click Save or Save & Close.