How to Reset User Progress in OSCampus

There isn't currently a user-progress reset feature, but we've added it to our development list. However, you can reset the user progress directly through the database.

This documentation will show you how to do that through phpMyAdmin. 


  • Copy the ID of the user whose progress you want to reset. 
  • Go to and log in, or use your host's control panel.
  • Search for phpMyAdmin and access it. 
  • Click on your database
  • Go to your _oscampus_users_lessons table
  • Click on Search and paste the ID of the user in the users_id column
  • Delete all the entries to reset all the classes.
  • If you want to reset just one class, you have to match the ID of the lessons in phpMyAdmin with the ID of lessons from Joomla administrator -> Components -> OSCampus -> Lessons and only delete the ones from the particular class.