How to Reorder Your Classes

Once you populated your OSCampus with a few classes, you may want to rearrange in what order the classes get displayed at your site front-end.

For example, you may wish to change your OSCampus classes from this order:

order to change

to this:

order changed

If you are familiar with how to drag-and-drop Joomla's listed articles or categories to change their order, you will try to use the same tool for your listed OSCampus classes:

classes listed

It, however, won't work until you filter the list of your classes down to a specific pathway.

  1. Click Search Tools.
  2. Select your pathway, even if you have only one.

click search tools select a pathway

  • Click on the two little triangles to turn on ordering:

click on the little triangles

You will see that the icon with little three quadrats next to each class is not gray anymore.

  • Point your mouse cursor to the class which order you would like to change. Then drag-and-drop it where you would like it to be:

point your mouse cursor to the icon

  • At the end of the task, you should have your classes reordered as you planned:

classes reordered

  • If you check your site front-end, you will see the order change in effect:

order change in effect