How to Replace OSCampus Default Images

OSCampus Pro, as Joomla itself or any other Joomla extension, comes with its default images. In this document, you will learn what exactly those images are and how to replace them.

What the Default Images Are

OSCampus Pro comes out of the box with the following 14 default placeholder images:

1. default-certificate.jpg, 1965 px x 1452 px (width x height).

default certificate

2. default-course.jpg, 600 px x 450 px.

default course

3. default-pathway.jpg, 600 px x 450 px.

default pathway

4. embed-bg.jpg, 1600 px x 896 px.

embed bg

5. icon-16-oscampus.png, 16 px x 16 px.

icon 16 oscampus 

6. icon-48-oscampus.png, 48 px x 48 px.

 icon 48 oscampus

7. joomlashack-logo.png, 300 px x 75 px.

 joomlashack logo

8. joomlashack-logo-150x38.png.

 joomlashack logo 150x38

9. lesson-placeholder.png, 900 px x 504 px.

 lesson placeholder

10. loading.gif, 34 px x 34 px.


11. loading-black.gif, 34 px x 34 px.

 loading black

12. quiz-bg.jpg, 1600 px x 896 px.

 quiz bg

13. text-bg.jpg, 1600 px x 896 px.

 text bg

14. wistia-extra-controls.png, 600 px x 54 px.

wistia extra controls

How to Replace an OSCampus Pro Default Image

Our Director of Design worked really hard to ensure the highest quality of the OSCampus default images. If you still wish to replace any of them, the task is easy:

  • Make sure the substitute image keeps the same dimensions as its original image.
  • Make sure the substitute image keeps the same name as its original image.
  • Go to /path/to/your/joomla/media/com_oscampus/images/ and replace the original image with your own.

For example, you may want to replace text-bg.jpg:

original text-bg jpg image

with your own:

new image