I get a 'SplFileInfo::__construct()' error

Your OSCampus Pro may display the "0 SplFileInfo::__construct() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given" error.

the error message


When Does This Error Occur? 

This error happens in the following two areas after you install and enable the JHackGuard component from SiteGround on your Joomla site:

  • When you try to save a new class in your OSCampus Pro.
  • When you try to save edits for an existing class in your OSCampus Pro.

Workaround: Disable Scanning of Uploaded Files

  • In your Joomla backend go to Components > jHackGuard.

go to components > jhackguard

  • You will see the jHackGuard control panel. Click Options.

locate options button

  • You will be taken to the jHackGuard Configuration page. Click on the File Uploads tab.

click file uploads tab

  • Locate the Scan uploaded files parameter and set it to No.

set scan uploaded files to no