How to Customize Emails Sent from OSDownloads

OSDownloads allows you to send the file download link to the user's email. This is a useful way to verify that their email address is working and correct

  • Go to Components > OSDownloads > Options. This button is in the right-top of the screen.
  • Click the "Email Confirmation" tab.

osdownloads emails

  • Set "Use Email Confirmation" to "Yes".
  • In the email body, be sure to include {{download_url}}. For example, this code will work:
<a href="/{{download_url}}">Click here to download your {{name}} file</a>.

{{name}} and {{category}} are also available to use as tokens in the email if desired. They'll be replaced by the respective item's information in the email.

This is an example of how your email will look to your visitor:

osdownloads email example