Getting Started with OSDownloads

OSDownloads is the Joomla downloads extensions designed to allow you to collect user custom data in exchange for the download.

This is useful if you want to notify users about updates or changes. This also means that you don't have to force someone to register simply to get the download. OSDownloads is designed to work with

Video Guide to OSDownloads

#1. Download and Install OSDownloads

  • You can download OSDownloads the "Dashboard" here. at
  • Go to Components > OSDownloads Pro to access the controls for the component.
Go to Components > OSDownloads Pro

#2. Add Categories for your downloads

You can arrive at this page by going to Components > OSDownloads > Categories. Or if you are already in the control panel for OSDownloads click the Categories tab.

  • Click New to start adding categories.
categories new

You will find the entry form to be exactly like the one used for content categories. Give your category a title and fill in the rest of the information required. Save each category you create.

The categories you enter here will not be a part of the content categories, they only apply to your downloads.


#3. Add the files to your download archive

  • Click the Files tab, then the New button to start adding files.
files new

Choose the details for your file download:

  1. Name - the name of your download
  2. Alias - will be automatically created from the title unless you fill in a custom alias.
  3. Upload the File - Browse your local computer to find the file and add it here.
  4. File url - Set a custom url if you want to point an external download link
  5. Category - The categories you entered will be in this drop down box. Choose the correct one.
  6. Main description - Appears in the short description in a list of downloads and above the email field on the page (sample below)
  7. Before download button - Appears below the email field on the page (sample below)
  8. After download button - Appears below the download button
file tab

#4. Create a menu link to the download page

  • Go to Menus > Main Menu > Add New Menu Item.


You don't need to put this link on the main menu. You could create a menu just for downloads or place it on any other menu you've created. The process will be the same.

  • Click Select to choose a Menu Item Type.

You now have a new menu item type under OS Downloads. You can create a link to a list of all downloads or to a single download file.

menu item type

For this tutorial, we're going to choose "Single File". The process is the same for a list view of the downloads. You might want to create a menu item for All Downloads and then have the individual files as submenu items. The process is identical to creating categories and articles, except in this case, the articles are a unique type of downloads.

file detail

You'll be returned to the menu manager, at the right you will see the download options. Choose the correct file from the drop down menu. (Or correct category if you are creating a download list) Finish filling in any other fields you want and save your work.
menu item

At this point you will have added a menu item to your menu, that is linked to the page for downloading the file.