How to Force OSEmbed Pro to Display a Video as a Link

In some use cases, you may wish to force OSEmbed Pro to display some of your embedded videos as videos and others - simply as hyperlinks.

To display a video as a hyperlink in a Joomla article, you add the video URL into your Joomla editor link creation tool. To display a video as a video, you paste the video directly into your Joomla article text.

Let's take a look at this in more detail. 

Embedding a video to display as a hyperlink

  • In your required Joomla article, click the Insert/edit link icon:

click the insert edit link icon

  • Enter the video URL into the "Insert Url" field and click OK:

enter the url and click ok

  • You will see the video URL displayed in the editor as text:

url displayed as text in editor

  • Visit this article from the frontend of your site. You will see that the URL displays as text to your visitors as well:

url displays as text from the frontend

Embedding a video to display as video 

  • Paste the required video URL directly into the required Joomla article text. You will see that your OSEmbed Pro embedded this video to display as a video:

enter the url directly in the text